About Us

We are a trained team of volunteers with over 100 years of experience and training in all aspects of Emergency Management. Members are trained as Search Managers, Search Planners, and instructors. Classes attended by members include the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center’s ‘Inland SAR School’ and their ‘SAR Management Class.’

All members are required to have completed the basic Incident Command classes, IS 100, 200, 700, and 800. Others have attended the ICS 300 and 400 advanced classes which are available on FEMA’s Independent Study website.

One member has completed the FEMA Professional Development Series, as well as the Advanced Professional Series in all aspects of Emergency Management.

All members are required to obtain their amateur radio license within 6 months of joining the team. This enables the team to provide it’s own communication system on scenes and not be limited to local agencies’ radio channels. This provides for more autonomy, and more privacy while searching.

We have access to other trained teams for mutual aid, or specialized groups, like K9 teams.

The team usually provides at least one Ground Search and Rescue class per year to train new members. COVID 19 has put a temporary stop to classes, but that should be remedied in 2021. The class consists of one full day, encompassing classroom and field training. There is also a water rescue course, and ongoing in-service training in topics such as map and compass, or land navigation, first aid, radio usage, etc.