We are a volunteer team that can be utilized as a stand-alone team, or can be used as a lead with other field trained teams. We can also act as the overhead team coordinating field teams and obtaining needed resources to facilitate the search. We have access to mounted (equine) teams, and numerous K9 (canine) teams in all facets of SAR. K9 teams specialize in different methods. Some are air-scent, which are used to clear a large area of any humans. Trailing dogs are scent-specific and are used to follow the scent of a particular person. Human Remains Detection (HRD, or cadaver) dogs are trained to locate the scent of a deceased person, be they on land, buried, or in water.

The team also presents Preventative SAR. PSAR is training for youths teaching them how not to get lost, but in the event they do, what to do to assist the searchers in locating them the fastest.

The team provides training at least once a year to the general public for those that may wish to join our team. In the past few years, we have trained over 100 of the Americorps volunteers based in St Louis. The Americorps teams are made up of young adults from around the country that help throughout the state at disaster scenes, or working with the DNR teams in the parks and forests.

(COVID-19 has put a stop to meetings and trainings for 2020, but 2021 should bring a return to both.)