Several years ago, after local residents assisted in the search for Jacquie Waller, it was decided that a local Search and Rescue (SAR) team was needed. Over a lunch meeting at a local restaurant, the groundwork was laid for the formation.

Upon asking local responders, it was found that the local fire departments were conducting the searches for missing people, but had no regimented and regular training. Missouri did not have a state-wide SAR program or governing agency to oversee training, call-outs, etc. One of the founding members had been a member of a team that was a member of the Illinois Search and Rescue Council. Application was made to them for adjunct membership, and it was approved. This gave the team a training regimen, as well as mutual aid teams to call in when the situation warranted.

It began as the St Francois County SAR Team, but later changed to Mineral Area SAR to better fit the needs of the area.

Prior to COVID-19, we were able to provide at least one class a year to interested parties, and have trained over 300 people in the bi-state area. With COVID-19 hopefully on the wane, our goal is to resume teaching at least one class per year. Classes are taught on weekends, and include classroom and field training on Saturdays, and a field exercise on Sunday morning. Classes will be announced here upon scheduling.

We also meet monthly to offer training, and business of the team. These meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of every month at 19:00 at the Farmington Fire Department meeting room at 222 E Columbia St in Farmington, MO.